by Stellabelle


In the future marketing won't exist. It will be about collecting art and anything associated with that hobby will be called Artketing.

The Freezone
A hidden area in Mirage that is not controlled by Gigacorp that was first discovered by Gigatura. The symbol of the Freezone is a horned wig with a pair of wings sprouting from it. Gigatura creates an anarchist village there and names it The Freezone. Because there is no land speculation in the Freezone, no one has to pay rent and people are free to build their own shelters with resources they find. People don't have Giga Scores or any other type of surveillance. In the Freezone, people get their needs met using a combination of the gift economy and bitcoin. The internet in the Freezone is maintained by satellites in outer space.

A mega corporation that controls the government in the country of Mirage in the year 2045. Gigacorp controls the Ai, money supply, banking, food supply, social credit score system and most industries. The WAGMI fast food chain is one of Gigacorp's largest enterprises. Most people who live in Mirage work for Gigacorp in some capacity. Gigacorp is the world's first techno monarchy. $GIGA is the official currency of Mirage.

$GIGA is the official currency of Gigacorp in Mirage. $GIGA is a GBDC (Gigacorp Bank Digital Currency) and it has surveillance baked into it. Gigacorp controls the printing and distribution of $GIGA. A monthly stipend of 100 $GIGA is distributed for free to the citizens of Mirage who maintain a Giga Score above 300. $GIGA has no supply limits, and Gigacorp can freely print however much it wants, whenever it wants and for any purpose. Gigacorp can program anyone's money to become unusable or expire.

Tura is the main character in the Gigatura project. She becomes the leader of the resistance and the founder of the hidden anarchist village called the Freezone. She had her awakening when her mother was killed by Gigacorp robots. After her mother was killed, she begins to question everything about life in Mirage and her Giga Score begins to fall. She loses her free doses of Goma, and goes through terrible drug withdrawals. This is when she goes into the woods and finds a small winged rabbit that leads her to a place that she names the Freezone. After her awakening, her name changes from Tura to Gigatura. She becomes aware that she must help others find the Freezone and lead the resistance to destroy Gigacorp.

Goma is a medicated gum that Gigacorp manufactures and distributes for free to those who have a Giga Score above 300. The drug contained in the gum is designed to suppress negative thoughts and enhance social conformity. It gives people a feeling of well-being and comfort. It's the first drug designed to prevent overdoses as it can sense if too much is consumed. If it senses that too much Goma is consumed, it has an in-built mechanism which shuts off the drug's ability to reach the nervous system. Because Goma is highly addictive and free, the vast majority of people keep their Giga Score above 300 in order to continue receiving it.

Mirage is the country controlled by Gigacorp in the year 2045 and is the world's first techno monarchy.

WAGMI Food Chain
The WAGMI food chain is the main food supply in Mirage. Gigacorp acquired McDonald's in 2030 and renamed it WAGMI, We're All Gonna Make It. Gigacorp then set up WAGMI farms and food manufacturing factories all across Mirage. The WAGMI Research and Development labs are famous for inventing Goma and other futuristic food inventions.


Stellabelle is the founder, artist and writer of Gigatura. She founded the first creative commons cryptoart collective Slothicorn in 2017 on the Steem blockchain. She worked for the Dash dao in 2017 and built a creative commons library for the Telos dao. She's the creator of CryptoStellas, a satirical NFT collection that was born during the 2021 10K PFP apocalypse.

Fabi Yamada was Head of Design, including 3D art and front-end developer for Pixeos/Epix from 2019 to 2021. She has been an artist in the cryptoart space since 2017 and was involved with Slothicorn in its early days.

Fred M was raised by a dissident librarian and is knowledgeable about literature, philosophy, and art. He is now a lieutenant in the resistance at a restaurant named WAGMI. He selects potential candidates and handles communication for the group.


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